Former Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak arrives at an event to launch his campaign to be the next Conservative leader and Prime Minister, in London. | HENRY NICHOLLS

The race is on for the next British prime minster to replace BoJo and the knives are out. First to throw his hat in the ring was dishy Rishi with a slick, tear-jerking, yet predictable video drawing on his family’s emigration to the UK back in the day.

However he seemed less keen to highlight his wife’s recent Non-Dom status or the fact that he had an extremely privileged upbringing. Rishi’s also had to confirm that personally he DOES have ‘Non-Dom’ status ie that he has not fraternised with the evil, bad-sighted wizard in the wings, Dominic Cummings, who is stirring the pot for the other contenders but weirdly not for Rishi. Are they chums or is naughty Dom just trying to create friction and mischief?

That aside, rich Rishi is definitely the front runner in this race. He’s presentable, confident, intelligent, charming and has a solid financial background. He’s already had a tough job as Chancellor and swum through the choppy waters of the pandemic. Having twisted the knife in the final stages of Boris Johnson’s death throes, he has also proven that he is ruthlessly ambitious when he needs to be. Kick a dog when it’s down? That’s our man Rishi!

Meanwhile, there’s poor old Sajid Javid dusting down an old home video that he once used in his failed bid to become PM before. His campaign is certainly off to a lacklustre start but he’s keen to flag up the restoration of old Tory values and tax breaks. Liz Truss, looking very school marmy, is the only serious female contender but has she a high enough profile and is she likeable enough? Aye, there’s the rub.

Nadhim Zahawi is having his taxes investigated, never a great way to start an election campaign and Jeremy Hunt has the wrong surname. So many news readers just can’t get it right. Is he willing to change it by deed poll or risk being the laughing stock of the nation time and again?

All the other graspers for the hot seat don’t seem potent enough to stay the course but I could be horribly wrong. Besides, a wild card might join the race and take the lead against the odds but who? For now, only Rishi seems ready for the challenge and he has the resources to give it his all. Ready for Rishi?

Butter Fingers

The UK seems to be in the grip of butter fever as news of rising prices hit the headlines. A large tub of Lurpak in Sainsbury’s has apparently hit £7.25 and quality cuts of meat and even baby milk now carry security tags against store theft.

Rather than resort to cheap margarine, maybe the nation should make its own butter which is easy-peasy. All you need is whipping cream, blender and pinch of sea salt.

You pour the cream into the blender and allow it to get beyond thick cream stage. The butterfat and liquid buttermilk separate and you just pour the liquid away or keep it to make scones or pancakes. The remaining butter should be rinsed free of buttermilk residue and have a little salt added which helps to preserve it. Voila, butter!

No beef with Diddly Squat

Journalists have complained about maverick Jeremy Clarkson’s new restaurant, Diddly Squat which along with a shop is situated on his Oxford farm. Both attract thousands of visitors. In typical Clarkson fashion he has banned vegetarian dishes from the menu and only offers beef in various forms. The prices are pretty eye-watering as are the goods in the farm shop. All the same, it is surely his prerogative to charge what the heck he likes?

No one is forced to buy the goods or dine at the restaurant so if folk want to pay over the odds for the chance of a glimpse of their TV hero, so be it. The former host of Top Gear has millions of fans and if he milks his farm and fame for all it’s worth, good for him. At the end of the day, he’s running a business.

Wimbledon Wobbles

I used to be a Wimbledon fan but for the last few years my interest has greatly waned. I find the players fairly bland and long for the good old days of the bad boys and characters who made watching live play on centre court so enriching. How I loved to see the gorgeous Ilie Nastase playing tennis in the rain while balancing an umbrella and John McEnroe having a temper tantrum with yet another ref.

Jimmy Connors was always good for a laugh and the women players were fun, feisty and principled.
Still, this year, Nick Kyrgios is waving the flag for misbehaviour and I have a sneaking liking for him. How he’s livened up the game and made waves. It’s quite refreshing to see someone losing their rag, challenging the umpire and calling out members of the audience. It’s created a pantomime feel to the game which I’ve rather enjoyed or is it just the rebel in me?

Talking of which, it was sad that island hero, Rafa Nadal, had to pull out but fair that Novak Djokovic won the cup. I’ve warmed to him over the years and felt for him during the pandemic. He flew in the face of political, medical and public opinion and stuck to his principles. One might not have agreed with him but he was brave and certainly earned my respect.