A view of Magalluf beach. | T. DIAZ


A Magalluf mystery has finally been solved for me this week. I have enjoyed popping down to Maga a number of times this summer but ever since the first weekend, to watch and enjoy the beach rugby, I have been trying to figure out why every 20 to 30 minutes, the beach bars would suddenly belt out Sweet Caroline to which everyone would join in, singing away and waving their arms in the air.

Now I know, and it’s a very cunning ploy. The son of a friend of mine has spent his first summer job working in one of Magalluf’s most popular beach bars and he explained to me that when the bar staff were feeling the pressure, especially during the heatwave, the DJ would be instructed to give Sweet Caroline blast.

That way, I have been expertly informed, the clients would burst into song and stop ordering for the duration of the song giving the staff a well earned brief break - genius. So, there we have been on a number of occasions waving our hands around singing Sweet Caroline thinking it was all part of the show, well it is but Baldrick would be impressed with the plan.

And this brings me to how impressed I have been with Magalluf this summer. I’ve enjoyed the atmosphere, found the majority of people very relaxed enjoying their holidays and surprised to have seen so many local residents and families in the resort on weekends at the numerous restaurants. Winds of change?