Valldemossa seen by air through a drone. | Ultima Hora


What can you do? Residents of island mountain villages and towns are furious at the large number of people who have travelled up to see the snow. Valldemossa is a classic example. The Balearic government had warned the general public to stay away from mountains areas because of the safety issue. However, judging by the hundreds of vehicles heading up to Valldemossa on Wednesday few people listened.

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Residents said that the Guardia Civil should have just closed the roads, only allowing access to residents. The police and the Guardia, quite rightly, said that it would be a massive operation. To be honest, I do think that people are being rather killjoys. Snow is highly unusual in Mallorca and so what if the roads are packed as long as motorists are driving safely? In some ways it is like the anti-tourist brigade saying that Palma is crowded in the summer - what do you expect, tourism is our lifeblood.

Granted, perhaps the police could have been controlling the situation to a greater level but it must be said that they were busy doing other things. For thousands of young children it was the first time that they had seen snow and the island did look rather fantastic covered in snow. It even made the international press. Newspapers from Washington to Berlin all had sizeable reports of the snow in Mallorca. Some even suggested that the international press reports were rather alarming, showing a freezing Mallorca when the island has a reputation for sunshine. It has been a dramatic week weather-wise on the island and to think that last year we had the hottest summer and now we are on course for the coldest winter. Changing times.