Election not going your way, so have a pop at Magalluf instead. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The British newspaper which described England’s performance at the Euros as “boring, boring, boring” can be accused or doing the same with regards to some of its coverage.Magaluf revellers gear up for today’s England game with a night of booze, crossdressing and crime in the Majorca party hotspot” was the headline with a host of photographs of people having a good time. Yes, the snapper may have caught one throwing up, but hey, I’ve seen worse on the streets in the UK.

Head to Cardiff on a football or rugby weekend, or any weekend in fact, and from what I’ve seen it’s pretty much the same, if not worse. Plus, as the article points out, there were hordes of Scots not to mention all the other nationalities like the French and Italian, plus the local residents, who love to have a good time in Magalluf.

How about a story of what the Germans and Dutch get up to in Playa de Palma? They put the Brits to shame some nights, but no. The election is over - well it was when it was called - so silly season has begun and the first target is Magalluf. It’s cheap and easy journalism and at the end of the day, is young people getting drunk on holiday in Maga headline news? Do readers in the UK really care? I doubt it. Yes, there has been a tragic incident in the resort this week, but leave that to the police, don’t make matters worse.