Mahon, Minorca.

Mahon, Minorca. archive photo.

20-12-2020Ultima Hora

Almost all of the first 30 passengers who arrived at Minorca Airport on Sunday were unable to provide a mandatory negative PCR test, according to the Head of Health and Welfare Management in the Balearic Islands, David Llopis.

"Most people didn’t have the information required and we don’t know the reason for that,” he said. “Of the 30 passengers on a flight from Barcelona, only 3 had the mandatory negative PCR, 6 took a voluntarily test and the rest must contact info-covid to request an appointment in the next 48 hours or quarantine for 10 days.”

Passengers must complete a form before they fly and give a justified reason for their trip. Llopis has warned that "people who fly to Minorca without justification will be sanctioned by the Authorities".

Another four flights from Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Palma are due to land at Minorca Airport on Sunday.


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Virginie / Hace 12 months

Would it not be simpler, easier, and safer to not let people on a plane if they don't have a negative PCR test? Just like checking the ID of a person checking in, the airlines can check that passengers have a negative PCR...


Roger / Hace 12 months

Sad that so many people either think that they are above and beyond the regulations...or this is a case of pure arrogance and belligerence. Whatever the case it clearly illustrates the Balearic government, and its prescribed measures, are not taken seriously. That being the case there is little hope of the pandemic being brought under control....and consequentially all other complaints / apprehensions (on both sides) have less meaning.