Maria Jesús Montero, spokesperson for Spain's government.

Maria Jesús Montero.


On Tuesday, Spanish government spokesperson María Jesús Montero justified the fact that foreign travellers can arrive in Spain with negative PCR tests, as this is on the basis of "reciprocity" with action carried out by the other European countries.

The minister was quizzed about the apparent lack of coherence in travel policy. While foreign travellers can arrive in Spain over the Easter holidays, Spanish travellers are unable to move between regions because of the perimeter closures applied by regional governments.

Montero admitted that while this may seem incoherent, it is necessary to respect the "rules of the game" in reciprocity with other countries. Therefore, foreign travellers can arrive with negative PCR test results, while they will have to respect the limitations that are applicable.

Referring to the "co-governance mechanism" between the government and the regions, Montero observed that if it is the case that people should not enter or leave a region in order that there is better control of the pandemic, the criteria must be respected, "even though they may appear to be inconsistent with the entry of people from other countries".


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Rich / Hace 10 months

So basically the EU controls life and death of residents in Spain. Thanks Brussels. We live according to our governments rules, achieve an excellent low test rate, but Brussels decides it should kill a few more of us. Reciprocity it is not it's murder by Brussels. Not like spain will stand up to the EU, it owes them too much money.


Daz / Hace 10 months

What a load of tosh. They cannot stop EU travel, because of Shengen. Only if a national government decides on a closure of national borders, people from outside can be stopped under certain conditions.