Easyjet plane in Palma.

Easyjet plane in Palma. archive photo.

01-05-2021Ultima Hora

Airlines are going all out to make sure British tourists choose to fly with them when the UK’s international travel ban is lifted in just over two weeks.

Not only is EasyJet offering cheap PCR tests, the airline has just announced that passengers can change their flights up to two hours before departure for free.

The date and destination can be changed for any flight up to September 2022, which means that passengers can fly someplace else if their original destination falls into a quarantine category.

As part of Easyjet’s Protection Promise, if mandatory hotel quarantine is introduced at a holiday destination and is still in place when passengers are due to fly, they can get a refund for their flights, transfer their flights to a later date, or get a voucher.

Easyjet hasn’t specified whether these new rules will also apply to customers flying from Mallorca and other locations.


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Tom / Hace 9 months

So if there are only 2-6 destinations for example this summer due to Covid , do then all goverments think airlines should dunp their mass touriats onto those few destinations ?! . There are 320 million people living in the EU alone . If only 10 % decide to travel this summer conservatively estimated , that would be 32 million people dumped on most probably very few destinations ! Pure madeness and wont work as each destination has sustainable capacity limitations! Or did the airlines and governments think they can dump half of the UK , Germany , etc into Greece , Cyprus , Portugal and Mallorca ?