Plane taking off from Heathrow Airport, London.

Plane taking off from Heathrow Airport, London.

21-03-2021Reuters/Toby Melville

British tourists could be back in Mallorca, Ibiza, Minorca and Formentera this month, according to Rosa Ana Morilla Rodriguez, Director General of Tourism.

I’m very optimistic that a deal could be agreed to open the Balearics to British holidaymakers,” Morilla Rodriguez told Sky News, adding that she’s hopeful that the Balearic Islands will be on the ‘Green’ list.

If the Balearic Islands are ‘Green’ listed, British tourists won’t have to quarantine when they go home and that would make Mallorca a much more attractive holiday choice.

"We have the right numbers and we have the right measures in place that will allow us to be considered 'Green'," said Morilla Rodriguez.

"It's also about the capability of hospitals to isolate different variants of the virus, which is something that is not done by all the hospitals in Spain, but we do it here,” she told Sky News.

“I think Mallorca is such an important destination for the UK and I'm confident we can have this travel corridor," she added. "We have told the British Ambassador that we have all the factors required to be considered 'Green'."


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jen / Hace 9 months

I am very doubtful Boris will allow us to holiday anywhere in Spain. Gibraltar, yes. Their vaccination programme has been too slow. Having said that I am not interested in going anywhere if I still have to be tested even after having the vaccine. Neither would I wish to wear a mask out in the open. The vaccine was sold to us in UK as being the key to allow us to travel freely and our own businesses allowed to fully open. This is not the case so I tend to not believe anything we are told now.


Lucy Hamilton-Davies / Hace 9 months

Like many, I’m interested to see weather The Balearics are included on the UK ‘Green list’, however, an equally important question should be, ‘When will the Balearics welcome British tourists?’


Johno / Hace 9 months

The government of Spain and Majorca still don’t get it even now. Brits including myself with properties in Majorca will NOT be returning to and EU country until their vaccinations levels are up to those in the UK. We do not want to bring the Covid virus back to the UK. Only today our German neighbours in Majorca said now that they have had only one jab they will fly from Germany to Majorca next week, absolutely madness and exactly the reason most of us Brits will be more than happy to holiday in the UK this year. Early opening in Majorca driven purely by the greed of the hotel and bar owners. So see you in 2022 Majorca if you’ve not completely sunk by then in lockdown no 5.


JohnG / Hace 9 months

It's as simple as this. Whatever the green lights are shown either from UK outbound to Spain, Balearics, Canary Islands or wherever, it's up to us UK tourists to make THAT decision whether to travel within the constrictions of that Country or not, despite whatever " carrots " are dangled in our faces and whatever restrictions are there abroad. PLIS possibly on return. No, I don't want to walk around with a mask on all day and be restricted within the realms of evening entertainment restricted to certain times. I have more freedom in the UK and when the weather is good, well the UK takes some beating. Also, Boris has done a great job in taking the UK out of the EU constrictions, UK has vaccinated many more % than the EU ( Michel Barnier DID comment over the weekend that the UK had taken advantage of not being within the constriction of the 27 EU countries as far as vaccinations are concerned ) . So for me? It's a month on a Greek Island. Spain and Majorca can wait until 2022 as far as I am concerned. This year's message from Armengol is more towards profit more than safety and a previous message suggested that there is no one reason to support this woman in ANY further election. She can always get a job in an after hours bar


Stuart Robinson / Hace 9 months

Why do you think Britons would want to come flocking back to Spain after Spain acted so abominably over Gibraltar during the Brexit negotiations?...


Barry / Hace 9 months

Mallorca is not going on the green list any time soon. To think otherwise is pure fantasy. Not the outcome we want, but the outcome we deserve none the less.


George Warner / Hace 9 months

We don’t have the necessary things for a green light! It’s been said time and time again vaccines are key and we are the worst municipality in all of Spain!