Alcudia beach, Mallorca.

Alcudia beach, Mallorca.

08-04-2020Wendy Wighton Urquhart

Brits are scrambling to book holidays in Portugal now that it’s been confirmed as a ‘Green’ list country and Ryanair has added tons of cheap flights to it’s schedule to meet demand.

175,000 extra seats will be available on flights to the Algarve, Lisbon and Porto up until the end of October this year, for £19.99 each, but they have to be booked before midnight on May 9.

Holidaymakers will have to take a pre-departure PCR test and a second test two days after they return to the UK, but they won’t have to quarantine.

British Airways also has extra flights to Portugal from London, Manchester and Newcastle and from Edinburgh to Faro.

TUI has added more flights to Madeira and the Algarve from London Gatwick, Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol.

Spain and the Balearic Islands were not included on the initial ‘Green’ list but will hopefully be added when the list is reviewed in three weeks.


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Tom / Hace 9 months

The mass dumping of tourists starts to linited destinations ! Hope they will also repatriate each tourist for 19.99 pounds when restrictions tighten and dont ask the government tax payer to foot the bill whilst their ceo s collect multi million pound bonus . Human stupidity for greed and profit has no linits irrelevant of a global pandemic tthats worsening and deaths globally increasing ! The British will become the perfect superspreaders as they wont show too many symptoms when they catch covid due to some level of vaccination whilst spreading it all over the world for the premature sake of Holidays !