TUI Mein Schiff 2 cruise ship deck plan has a total of 1447 cabins for 2534 passengers (max capacity is 2894) served by 1000 crew/staff. The ship has 15 passenger accessible decks (total of 20500 m2 / 220700 ft2 outdoor deck space), with 12 restaurants and bistros, 15 bars and lounges, large wellness center (total size 2400 m2 / 25800 ft2), 2 swimming pools (1 covered), 4 jacuzzies, 10 elevators.

13-07-2019Youtube: Jumbo Jet

The first cruise ship of the year, TUI’s 'Mein Schiff 2’ is expected to arrive in Palma on June 17.

There have been no cruise ships in Palma for more than a year, because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The TUI tourist group has asked the Balearic Port Authority for the necessary authorisation and the request is still pending.

'Mein Schiff 2'.

Cruise ships that only stop in national ports are allowed to dock in the Balearic Islands, but international cruise ships are still waiting for the Central Government to approve their return to Spain.

‘Mein Schiff 2’ sailing from Gran Canaria to Malaga to Palma on a so-called 'bubble' cruise. Passengers are transported on TUI planes, and passengers can only take excursions organised by the company to guarantee Covid security measures are respected at all times.

According to Government protocol, shipping companies must present a contingency and health plan to the health authorities of the Balearic Islands 20 days before arrival.

All passengers and crew must provide a negative Covid test before the cruise begins, undergo daily temperature tests and take an antigen test before disembarking in Palma.


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john / Hace 8 months

Well done TUI. Thinking of health interests again with these giant super spreaders. Do everyone a favour and go somewhere else.


Lisa / Hace 8 months

Gosh these guys have short memories. Cruise ships became the incubators for Covid. In terms of risk verses potential profit ... this really isn’t a sensible deal for Mallorca.

With the majority of Mallorca still unvaccinated, large numbers of tourists from giant cruise ships, traditionally spending very little in Palma is crazy.

Will the crew and tourists on these floating virus incubators be vaccinated??? I think not. There is no mention of this. Therefore the risk is huge and for what? A few Euros in C&A??

And they are risking the whole summer season. That’s madness. I’m not a statistician - but this risk does not add up.