Spanish students on Arenal beach

On Arenal beach on June 14.

14-06-2021Iratxe Pérez

In the Basque province of Gipuzkoa, there is an outbreak of coronavirus affecting students who were in Mallorca for an end-of-year trip. The Diario Vasco reports that 49 students have tested positive. The health service in the Basque Country is screening around 300 young people. No cases of the Delta variant have so far been confirmed.

The Basque surveillance and tracking network says that screening is being carried out in order to preserve the health and safety of the students as well as that of the rest of the population. It will be providing further information when all the results are known.

This outbreak is being reflected in daily coronavirus reporting. In the Gipuzkoa capital, San Sebastián, 28 new positives were reported on Wednesday, a higher number than the six previous days combined.

This isn't the only outbreak concerning students who had been in Mallorca. Up to ten students from Elche (Valencia) initially tested positive on return, this number now having risen to 32.

There is also an outbreak in Madrid, where the number is much higher - 245. A further 450 contacts are being followed up. There is also an outbreak in Murcia.

The Balearic health ministry is indicating that the cases relate to students who were on a trip to Mallorca between June 18 and 20. It adds that no cases in the Balearics have been linked to these outbreaks but that there is constant surveillance.


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yes2freedom / Hace 7 months

that is good for immunity... better to have it that way they have antibodies for life (following the science)


Tom / Hace 7 months

Tui says come. Airlines demand and sue and say come, Mallorca Government says come ! to Mallorca. Reality is the chances are getting higher day by day you ll catch Covid or transmit it, as currently this is party island central , police are hopeless and not in control, government not really in much control, and most people on the street dont really give rats A.. about Covid anymore....all in all a great holiday destination and perfect place to bring home with you some Covid for free in your holiday package deal from your travel agent that just wants your money and does not care about you. I wonder if all holiday hungry people would book and be so eager if it was Ebola and not Covid .....


Patrick / Hace 7 months

They slept in some hotels at Llucmajor causing a lot of chaos everywhere.