People sunbathe at Magalluf beach in Mallorca

People enjoy themselves at Magalluf beach in Mallorca.


Spain is a safe destination for tourists even though COVID-19 cases are rising, Tourism Minister Reyes Maroto said on Friday, citing its vaccination programme and the number of hospitalised patients being kept under control.

"Governments must not raise alarms," she said in an interview with RNE radio station. "We cannot measure the epidemiological situation only based on cumulated incidence," she said.

Maroto's comments come after French Junior European Affairs Minister Clement Beaune advised French people on Thursday to avoid Spain and Portugal for their summer holidays


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John / Hace 6 months

So Spain is a safe destination? Why in life we should never believe politicians. France are saying to avoid it, Germany announcing it's a risk area, and now that lovely highly contagious Delta is going to arrive more from the UK.


Tom / Hace 6 months

Seems the extreme summer heat has effected this minister's capacity to read all the facts and news papers ! governments are being too lax and opening up too quickly for commercial and political gains only to only . The public health of Spain is more important than a quick few million tourists that all start leaving again end Aug early Sept, leaving behind a catastrophy of Covid cases in Spain which may well result in heavy restrictions again for those living for example on the Balearics. Ministers like this must be held fully accountable for their statements and. actions or inactions at all times as a public servant.