British ministers plan to warn holidaymakers against visiting destinations such as Spain

British ministers plan to warn holidaymakers against visiting destinations such as Spain

03-07-2019Emilio Queirolo

The British government plans to warn holidaymakers against visiting popular tourist destinations such as Spain because of concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic, the Times reported on Monday.

Such a step could trigger an exodus of about a million British tourists already abroad, cause further damage to the travel sector and deal a new blow to southern Europe's summer tourist season.

The Times did not specify what particular concerns Britain had about Spain. Madrid has been hit by the more infectious Delta coronavirus variant, but its rolling seven-day infection rate dropped throughout last week.

Britain has double vaccinated a higher proportion of its population against COVID-19 than most other countries, but the government has prevented travel to many countries by imposing rules that the travel industry says is hobbling the economy.

A spokesperson for Britain's transport ministry declined to comment on The Times report, published on the day when rules were eased for double-vaccinated travellers from the United States and most of Europe.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson's travel rules have angered some of Britain's European allies, frustrated millions of sun-seeking Britons and brought warnings from airports, airlines and tour companies.

In a letter to Johnson that was leaked to media, finance minister Rishi Sunak called for an urgent easing of travel restrictions.

Under rules to be reviewed on Thursday, double-vaccinated travellers can return without quarantining from countries rated "amber" on a "traffic-light" list assessing the COVID-19 risk.

Those returning from red-list countries - the most severe risk - must pay 1,750 pounds to spend 10 days in a hotel.

An amber watchlist was due to be signed off on Thursday but a split in the government could delay a decision, The Times said.

Spain would be put on the new list under the plans, the Times said. It is unclear what the plans are for two other popular tourist destinations, Greece and Italy.

Citing the threat posed by the Beta coronavirus variant, England has maintained quarantine rules for double-vaccinated travellers from France, while scrapping the requirement for travellers from other medium-risk "amber" countries.

France has complained, saying the bulk of its Beta variant cases come from the island of La Reunion in the Indian Ocean.


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Jonas / Hace 6 months

Sorry Franco , couldn’t be more wrong .packed restaurant here in the southwest every night. I’ve never seen it so busy, no parking anywhere. Just people enjoying theirselves.hope you’re enjoying the rain .


Franco / Hace 6 months

If Majorca and the EU had got their vaccination programme sorted then the Balearics would not be in this mess.Don’t blame the UK government blame the EU. Glad we left the EU,corrupt and totally useless,


Kian / Hace 6 months

More chaotic mismanagement by the crooked British government, I would not trust a single word uttered by Bozo and his pals who’ve misused the pandemic and Brexit to fill their own deep pockets at the expense of their citizens.


Zoe / Hace 6 months

Get a grip BJ, mass events which are super-spreader in UK on, but holidaying in Mallorca out? you think we do not get it that you want us to holiday at home, spend money in UK to compensate for the damage to the economy which you and your corrupt government were responsible for.


Ben Carter / Hace 6 months

British government are a shambles. Johnson cares about nobody but himself and tells lies upon lies. Only a matter of time before he breaks these rules for travelling abroad and will U-turn the decisions in his favour. Peoples livelihoods and lives are being ruined by selfish incompetence.... It makes me sad.


Franco / Hace 6 months

It’s plain common sense by UK government and anyway most Brits including Majorca property owners decided months ago to holiday at home in the UK as part of our Brexit celebrations. So if you are in Majorca accept the tourist season will not happen this year and tighten your belts and hope for a better year next year perhaps.


Leo / Hace 6 months

Totally ridiculous and badly managed Government, clowns they are not, clowns tend to be funny. This lot cannot even agree with each other.