Masks are compulsory outdoors in Spain

The Spanish government recently decreed that masks were again obligatory outdoors.

02-01-2022Efe (Biel Aliño)

The spokesperson for the opposition Partido Popular in Congress, Cuca Gamarra, is demanding that the Pedro Sánchez government sends her the scientific report, on which the decreeing of compulsory wearing of masks outdoors is based. She says that "if there is no scientific justification, there will be no support from the PP".

Gamarra states that it is a government "obligation" to send information that parliament requests, "especially when it comes to royal decrees that have to be validated by the chamber". Given parliamentary scheduling for January, the debate for the mask-wearing decree may not be until early February.

She says that they are used to the government not sending them the information they demand, adding that she doesn't hold out much hope of it doing so. Gamarra claims that experience of the management of the pandemic shows that there has been an "absence of committees of experts".


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Dr David / Hace 20 days

I'd have to agree here. I have poured over hundreds of peer reviewed scientific papers and have been unable to find overwhelming support of a y science that backs this mandate. I believe it was meant to show the government doing 'something'. Which in regards to optics, I'd prefer this versus other mandates that would have further dismantled society. Even better would have been to come out calming the public and citing the early scientific data from South Africa. Either way, happy to see this coming to an end for us all.