FOUR dogs are being kept under observation after they attacked and injured a teenager in Son Cladera. Juan Morey, aged 18, was cycling to work when the dogs attacked and his family said that if he had been a small child, he would not have survived. He lost a considerable amount of blood and suffered serious damage to sinews and muscles in his legs, which needed a large number of stitches. He has received several vaccinations and will be kept four days under observation. According to police reports, Morey was cycling to work in the Son Castelló industrial estate at 7am yesterday morning. As he reached Calle San Marcos he noticed four large dogs - one an alsatian and one a Belgian shepherd approaching him in a hostile manner. He tried to pedal faster to leave them behind, but they attacked and caused him to fall to the ground. Morey was bitten several times, and shouted for help. He managed to reach a parked car and climbed on to the roof to escape from the attack, and then took refuge in a doorway, where he almost lost consciousness. In the meantime, eyewitnesses had called the police and an ambulance. The dogs continued to prowl around the area and the police made sure pedestrians steered clear of them.