The Royal Navy frigate HMS Chatham is expected to visit Minorca over Easter and it is hoped that the Broadsword Class Type 22, Batch 3 frigate will be open to the public and a cricket match against Minorca Cricket Club is also to be played. The Broadsword Class frigates are well equipped with the most modern weapons and sensors. The Type 22s in three Batches, with the latest returning to a conventional gun armament as well as carrying state of the art surface-to-surface guided weapons, were the most modern frigates in the Royal Navy until 12 more were commissioned in 1990. The Chatham has a top speed of 30 knots and a crew of 250. Armament includes one 4.5” gun, one goalkeeper, eight Harpoon missiles, Seawolf missiles, four 30mm guns, six torpedo tubes, and either two Lynx helicopters or a Sea King. The visit of a second warship is on the horizon, but exact dates are yet to be confirmed.