Good news from the European Commission's Directorate General for all those Europeans, Germans and English living or intending to live and work here in Mallorca and Spain: following complaints submitted concerning the changing of import duty up to 16 per cent of the current market value of cars and personal goods of Europeans into Spain, the Commission has just declared that this (established) practice is a barrier to the free movemnt of goods within the single market and as such is a breach of European Law. The Spanish authorities must now amend this legislation and apply community law in their legislation or be brought before the European Court. Under the Rules of Procedure 174 of the European Parliament from 1993, citizens of European member states are invited to “Petition” the Parliament and the Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) according to Article of Petition 194, bringing their needs and problems to the attention of our elected representatives. The Parliaments commissions will verify the application of European law by member states. The Treaty of Rome provides for the free movement in Europe of goods, workers and services. The imposition of Spain of import taxes and duties on goods and/or workers is a clear violation and infringement of this Treaty, even if termed “immatriculation fees.”