As Majorcan police and their German counterparts continued their investigation into the discovery of the body of Gunter Ulrich, a German who went missing in 1995, it has been revealed that Ulrich was a multimillionaire and just days before he “disappeared” had completed the purchase of a XV Century estate worth hundreds of millions of pesetas. It was on the Capdepera estate where his body was discovered on Thursday. 50-year-old Gunter Ulrich owned a number of very important estate agents in Germany and was a frequent visitor to Majorca, where his sister also lived. He first showed an interest in purchasing the Ses Set Cases estate in 1994 and shortly afterwards bought the property for a very high price. At the end of 1994 Ulrich “mysteriously” disappeared and nothing was ever heard of the property tycoon again until the remains of his body were found under a layer of concrete the day before yesterday. Yesterday the police and a team of forensics continued the painstaking task of removing the bones from the site.