The World Organisation for Tourism will be holding seminars in Madrid, on the 26th January, to debate and inform about future tourism. One of the most prolific subjects covered by FITUR international trade fare is the Organisation's analysis of the importance of electronic commerce in the tourist sector.

Introduction and incorporation of electronic ticket sales and the combined use of the internet will form the basis of the talks. The first seminar, ”Tourism and Cyberspace : Commercial Billing” will discuss the increasing use of this technology.

The marathon day is intended to analyse and stress the importance of the facilitation of new commercial technology there will be in the tourist sector. The advancement of Internet based companies, integrated travel and exactly what is on offer will be paid particular attention at the talks. Web sites for domestic use and electronic ticket sales and their distribution systems worldwide will be reviewed as these now form an essential proportion of the market.

Timothy Briar, President of ”Priceline.com”, companies which auction holidays internationally, and John Pollard, director of Microsoft Expedia will head this seminar. Furthermore, there will be input by experts in the magnitude of this internet market hosted by an American, ”Jupiter Communications”, and Irish, ”Nua International Surveys”.