Quietly relaxing on holiday in Majorca is Henri Quinn, who has dedicated the past 11 years of his life to researching the family of biologist and scientist Charles Darwin, which for 80 years, dominated the town of Shrewsbury, where Charles Darwin was born on February 12th, 1809. Quinn, who set up the Darwin Research Society, which is probably the only one of its kind, is the author of a booklet Charles Darwin Shrewsbury's Man of The Millennium which was published just before Christmas and has since sold over 1'000 copies and attracted a great deal of interest in the UK. Quinn says that “whereas Charles Darwin has attracted more biographies than any other person in history, most deal with his later life. I have made a study of his formative years in Shrewsbury,” adding “very few people think of Darwin as a man who had a family, they think he was born in a test tube.”


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