In a bid to bridge the language problems facing German business, The Majorcan Association of German Businesses and the Municipal Insititute for Employment and Training, have reached an agreement which will open the way for Majorcans to find work with German businesses based in Majorca. The aim of the new relationship is to enable employees and employers to be able to “look for and find” what they want and need in the Majorcan employment sector. The initiative is that of Ralf Gelling, president of the Majorcan Association of German Businesses, who says that the agreement is in the interests of Palma and those looking for work. Gelling said yesterday that until now German businesses have been having a problem in contracting the right people, mainly because of language problems on both sides and many have been forced to recruit professionals in Germany. The current process may well help businesses find German speakers, but then there is the problem that very few will be able to speak both Catalan and Castellano, which in turn proves a disability.