Balearics face a water crisis.


On average tourists use 310 litres of water per day, while the average amount consumed by residents in Majorca is 194 litres, according to a study carried out by the UM, Majorcan Union (Unio Mallorquina) party. Yesterday the party said that it opposes any increases in water rates, calling for steps to be taken to reduce consumption along with the introduction of a series of quotas for the “big consumers, such as hotels and the tourist industry.” The president of the party and the Insular Council of Majorca, María Antonia Munar, said yesterday that UM would “never consent” to across-the-board water restrictions in Majorca and called for families and households to be calm as there will not be a hike in water rates. As a solution, Munar said that more water should be generated by the desalination plant. The UM's study was carried out in Alcudia. Water rates were examined and an analysis taken of water consumed in the hotel sector, private houese, bars, restaurants and cafes.