The late, great spy novelist Ian Fleming penned most of his James Bond stories from the comfort of his Jamaican home; this week a new special agent is to hit the shelves of bookstores across the UK, with the man behind the masterplan already working on the sequel, No Replacement, in Majorca. John Bosomworth's thriller Carlos II, which is to be released on Friday, is written under the pseudonym of his grandfather's name, James Hayward-Searle, and is based on “85 per cent fact.” Born in Bingley on November 28, 1945, Bosomworth went on to study psychology at Leeds, after a public school education, before joining the family business, The Ideal Bakery, where his father created the Ideal Loaf and invented “sliced” bread. The company was sold to Spillers in 1957 and Bosomworth left to work in the motor trade for a while.