Hiroyuki Hiramatsu, the consul general of Japan in Barcelona, told chief minister Francesc Antich that the regional government should promote the Balearics as a tourist destination in his country. The consul general, who represents Japan in Catalonia, Valencia and the Balearics, was received in audience by Antich, who explained the regional government's political aims to him. He said that 400'000 Japanese tourists visit Spain every year and their favourite destinations are Madrid, Barcelona and Andalucia. He suggested that the Balearic government should promote “the great richness of the islands” in Japan. The diplomat said that the formula of a joint government involving several parties, as developed in the Balearics, was “one way of attracting the voters' attention.” He said that most Japanese did not take much interest in politics, finding it boring, “but this type of pact between parties makes politics more attractive.” The Japanese Emperor has visited the island and the Palma city council drew up an Imperial Route, following his footsteps, as an attraction for Japanese tourists.