The political crisis in the Balearic government may well be over, with the secretary general of the Green Party, Jordi Lopez, yesterday apologising to Andreu Crespi, the PSEO socialist party secretary general, for the attack he launched on the left-wing pact on Thursday, but the reality of the situation was revealed yesterday with water levels in Majorca at an all-time low. According to figures released by the water board Emaya, the reservoirs at Gorg Blau and Cuber are holding just 18.78 per cent of the maximum capacity of water. This time last year the two reservoirs were 66.92 per cent full. Last November, in order to prevent Gorg Blau and Cuber being tapped dry, supplies from the reservoirs were suspended and supplies from other sources, such as from the water table, have also been reduced in order to prevent the island from completely drying up. Emaya has also started taking water from lesser exploited sources and water extraction from the wells in Alaro and Son Vida has been increased. But Emaya said yesterday that the level of the water table in some areas, such as S´Extremera, Alaró and Can Negret are at historic lows.