Some of the residents in the caves at Cales Coves have started to gather their belongings, as they know that any day now the Guardia Civil will evict them. However, there are a few who do not want to leave the caves in which they have been living for years. One woman who has lived in one of the caves, where both her children were born, for 15 years, said that she has no intention of leaving “voluntarily, but if the Guardia Civil turn up, I will not have much choice but to move.” She said that Calas Coves has been preserved and untouched for years thanks to the cave dwellers “but now what's going to happen? They'll kick us out and build a development.” The period within which the cave people had to leave voluntarily has run out and while some are leaving, others are awaiting the arrival of the police. Another resident, identified as Babush, who has lived in a cave with his girlfriend for the past three years said, “We've not caused any damage and we don't bother anybody. If they throw us out, we'll end up on the streets.” Last month the cave dwellers were served eviction orders.