Philip and Tina Graham, the brother and sister-in-law of Ivonne O'Brien, who was brutally murdered at her home in the popular family resort of Alcudia last August said last night that an “instinct” tells them her killer is in England, not in Majorca. A frustrated and desperate Philip Graham, who is flying out in two weeks time to place a headstone on his late sister's grave in Palma cemetery, has seen the photo-fit of the killer issued this week, but said, “I could put four or five names to that face - he's not the killer.” “But still, six months down the road, nobody is telling us anything.” British police are suposed to have been helping their Majorca counterparts with the investigation into one of the island's most brutal murders. But the Grahams said yesterday that it is only now that the British police appear to be taking action. But Philip Graham said that is in response to complaints from him that nothing is being done. He also said that British police knew that his sister's life had been threatened long before she was murdered. “One of the people who threatened her - his brother owns or owned a flat in Alcudia,” Graham said last night. “Her family and friends want some answers; we're stuck over here (England) and nobody is telling us anything,” he said in despair. His wife Tina thinks that somebody in England paid to have her sister-in-law killed.