Palma residents will be given the opportunity to avoid paying certain traffic fines under a new scheme to be launched by the Palma city council. The city council's bottom line is that any driver who voluntarily signs up for a two-hour road security and safety course, which will be given by the local police, will have a fined waived. According to the city council, the benefits of attending the course will have an immediate effect for violators of traffic regulations. The initiative was announced this week by councillor José Manuel Sierra, who explained that drivers who have been slapped with either light or serious fines, are entitled to enroll for the two-hour course, but they have to do so during the period allowed for paying the fine. The main aim of the initaitive, Sierra said, is to improve drivers' conduct on the roads and to encourage them to respect traffic regulations, while increasing their awareness to what the rights and wrongs are on the capital's busy roads. Sierra stressed the need for all Palma citizens to respect traffic regulations and highlighted the need, for youngsters especially, to know what the rules are and to obey them. The councillor was referring in particular to teenage scooter-riders.