GESA, the gas and electricity board, has started to install the four gas turbines which will produce 38.68 megawatts each, that is nearly 18 per cent of the total energy generated in the Balearics. This was confirmed yesterday by company sources. The turbines, manufactured in France, have cost 6'000 million pesetas and they are being installed in Son Reus. Work is directed by Juan Blanco and Arturo Soosa. GESA said it is necessary to reinforce production of electricity as demand in the Balearics has grown by 30 per cent since 1997. Last year alone, the increase was more than ten per cent, attributed to the strong economy, the excellent tourist season, the high income in the Balearics and the increasing use of electrical appliances as well as a growth in second homes. For the past two years, GESA has been constructing small groups of gas turbines to respond in cases of maximum demand or breakdowns. In 1999, GESA invested 1'754 million pesetas in maintenance and modernising equipment and 3'000 million in generating electricity. Company executives have expressed their concern at the constant increase in demand in the Balearics, and have called on the government to speed up paper work for the concession of licences for its new projects. The government, worried about the high demand expected this summer, has called on GESA to take steps to prevent power failures during the high season.