BRITISH travellers take 450'000 condoms and almost two million teabags abroad each year on holiday, a survey revealed yesterday. The British, mocked abroad for their unadventurous tastebuds and stolid taste in food, also pack almost 500'000 packets of sausages when venturing to foreign parts. The survey, based on replies from more than 1'000 of the 14.9 million Britons who take foreign holidays, was prepared by the Internet travel service Company spokesman James Vaile said: “British holidaymakers are some of the most adventurous travellers but when it comes to food, they are stick-in-the-muds.” British travel agents are braced for a rush in business as millions of Britons have finally had enough of the terrible weather in the UK over the past six weeks and consumer organisations claim that Britons are going to start rushing to their travel agents in a bid to find some sun. The market reports will be good news for tour operators who have just started introducing the annual summer late booking discounts and the unusually poor weather since the end of May will help fuel a high street package holiday revival. So, while they rush down to book their package holidays, Britons will be popping into the nearest supermarket for their holiday essentials: their tea bags and their condoms.