TWO British tourists were arrested in the early hours of yesterday morning by Calvia Local Police, one for allegedly hitting a 70-year-old man at the sea front. Local Police said yesterday that a 20-year-old British tourist was arrested for hitting the elderly man in the face after he reproached the British tourist for urinating on the promenade. Apparently the 70--year-old could not get to sleep on Monday night because of the heat and decided to go for a stroll along the sea front. During his walk around 4am, the elderly walker paused for a rest on a bench, when he spotted the 20-year-old Briton urinating in the street. The 70-year-old attempted to draw the British tourist's attention to his “uncivilised behaviour”, but according to the police, the Briton hit him hard in the face before he could finish his sentence. The elderly man needed treatment at Son Dureta hospital and when the police tried to arrest the tourist, he responded in a “hostile” manner and, according to the local police, had to be detained on the ground. Another 20-year-old Briton had to be restrained and arrested by Calvia police for breaking into an apartment in Punta Ballena in the early hours of the morning. Local Police reported that they received a call from residents in the street and once at the scene were told of a break in to a flat on the third floor. Apparently the Briton tried to gain entry by smashing down the door, but resorted to breaking in through a window. The terrified female inhabitant managed to run out of the flat and seek shelter with the neighbours, from where she telephoned the police. The Briton apparently rifled through her handbag. Local Police found the Briton hiding on the balcony and also discovered that the suspect had tried to break down the door to another apartment, leaving the inhabitant trapped inside behind the broken door which police had to smash down. According to the police, the suspect had been clearly drinking to excess.