Patients and their families have been complaining to Son Dureta hospital over the past week about the poor air conditioning systems and that in order to keep patients cool and comfortable during the hottest week of the year, fans have had to be installed in many rooms. According to some patients and their families, they are tired of asking for air conditioning to be improved or installed in rooms. The problems appear to be on the second and third floor of the hospital, which is where the majority of complaints have come from. In one case, the family of a patient has been asking for assistance for the past five days and the only way of battling the heat has been to bring in their own fans from home. One patient said that apart from the intense heat “more importantly I cannot move from my bed so I am constantly soaking with sweat.” Other patients and their families have said that every time they complain, they are told that the complaint has been registered, “but nothing ever happens to improve the situation.” Dotted around the hospital complex, a number of hand-written signs have appeared asking people to make sure they close the door so that what little air conditioning there is can operate as best as possible and not let any of the cool air escape.


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