Balearic Chief Minister said yesterday that there will soon be a “finite” resolution to the inquiry into the gas and electricity company GESA over June's week-long series of power cuts across Majorca and Minorca. All that the inquiry is awaiting is for GESA to submit its response to claims that the power company committed “very serious” faults, for which it could be fined and face hefty compensation claims from commercial clients. Antich said that the time has come for a solution to the region's power problems “once and for all” and said that he is still waiting for a meeting with deputy Spanish Prime Minister, Rodrigo Rato, in order to take the Balearic power situation straight to the very top of central government in order to find long-term and reliable solutions. Antich said that GESA has an obligation to honour, but also said that the government is prepared to give GESA the opportunity to prepare its defence. Antich is concerned about the future of power in the Balearics and his fears have grown since central government's move to establish a freer market in all sectors. Antich is worried that a free electricity market in the Balearics will not have the same success as on the mainland and that central government has an obligation, in accordance with a special set of norms, to extra-peninsular regions and the island which includes making sure that the Balearics receives electricity “at the same price and under the same conditions as on the mainland.”


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