Palma' fleet of buses is to be renewed over the next ten years at a cost of 12'000 million pesetas. The contract was signed yesterday by Pedro Alvarez, president of the EMT (Municipal Transport Company) and Jacobo Cosmen Menéndez, administrator of ASITSA. Under the contract, the EMT plans to purchase 100 new buses, introduce a satellite tracking system for the vehicles to provide passengers with information on frequency in real time and the construction of a new bus station on land near Mercapalma, the wholesale market. The annual quota of the contract is 1'200 million pesetas and the first buses are due to arrive at the end of the year. In a joint communique issued yesterday, the local bus company described the contract as “the most important in the history of the EMT” and announced that it will shortly launch the logo and colours of its new image. The contract calls for the EMT to acquire 80 12-metre buses and 20 articulated buses adapted for the disabled. They will cause very little pollution, and make less noise and use less fuel than the present fleet of buses. The contract also includes a system of supply and maintenance.