The public transport system in Majorca is not only poor, it also uses the oldest buses in Spain, according to a survey which was released yetsreday. Almost 40 per cent of buses being used on popular public transport routes are more than 15 years old, while the national average is just 19 percent. Almost 60 per cent of buses are more than 10 years old. The company which carried out the survey is calling on the government to take urgent action and force bus companies to renew their fleets. Palma's municipal bus company announced this week that they would be buying 100 news buses over the next ten years to replace their out-moded fleet. The survey will also make bad reading for the local government which wants the public to use more public transport to ease traffic congestion on the roads. Some of the buses being used in outlying areas of Majorca do not even have air conditioning which causes great passenger discomfort and hundreds of complaints from the public.