Early September, empty beaches.


On the day when Majorca was basking in its first heavy rains for more than four months the Balearic Government presented their £450 million (around 94'000 million pesetas) water plan, which should ensure that the islands have an adequate supply. The plan will be presented this morning in Madrid where the necessary funding has to be secured. The plan calls for the construction of a new desalination plant which will serve the whole of the Bay of Palma (Calvia included). Also water will be piped into Palma from other areas of the island. Minister for the Environment Margarita Rossello, of the Green Party who is responsible for water, said that the plan is vital for the future of the Balearics. The local government has already spent heavily on building and buying desalination plants which have been set-up in key areas. Fears of water restrictions this summer failed to materialise but the Balearic Government still maintains that heavy investment is needed. The heavy rains of the weekend ensured that the island's reservoirs reached a more acceptable level. After a lengthy debate the Balearic government has decided that desalination plants are the best option to ensuring that the island has an adequate supply of water.