Immigration will top the agenda of the second Formentor Forum which will be presided by Spanish Prime Minister José Maria Aznar on October 6 and 7. The Forum will be attended by 60 leading figures from Mediterranean countries, including ten ministries, according to José Luis Diez Fernandez of the organising committee. The Forum will be held in the Hotel Formentor and yesterday Diaz and Raimundo Bassols were received in audience by chief minister Francesc Antich. They said that the speakers would include the Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Guterres and the Foreign Ministers of Russia, Igor Ivanov, and Egypt, Amro Musa. The Forum will also be attended by the Prime Minister of Malta and the former Prime Minister of Jordan. Given the prestige of the speakers, security measures will be exhaustive, as they were at the first Forum. In addition to immigration, the Forum will debate North-South financial relations and integration. Díaz described the immigration question, and integration of workers from North Africa into Europe as of enormous transcendance, and said it would occupy a large part of the Forum.