It wasn't exactly the start Colin Butler and his wife wanted to a new life in Spain. While he was driving down from Santander to Majorca after the long ferry journey from Britain he noticed he had a flat tyre. He pulled over at a service station and two “well dressed men” offered to give him a hand. “They looked respectable enough so I agreed,” he said. With the wheel changed Mr. Butler and his wife continued on their journey. A few hours later his wife discovered that her hand-bag was missing. “The bag contained everything - all our credit cards, passports and money. It was stolen while we were changing the tyre,” he said. They decided to head towards Barcelona and the nearest British Consulate to inform police of their robbery. “The Consulate allowed us to make two calls and we arranged to have some money wired over to us. We informed the police and they gave us directions to a nearby hotel. The receptionist wouldn't allow us to stay there because we didn't have any money. So we spent the night in the car. Not a very nice experience”. The Butlers finally arrived in Majorca hoping that their ordeal was over. They had cancelled their credit cards and their bank in Britain told them that they would be sending new ones by post. Six weeks later and they still hadn't arrived. And to make matters worse a few days later they received their credit card statement which included purchases to the value of £900 on the credit cards which they had never received.