The prosecution in the case against Yan Yu asked for him to be sentenced to 40 years in jail after he was found guilty by the jury of double murder yesterday. The 27-year-old Chinese man was found guilty of having murdered 31-year-old artist Xu Weidi and her two year old son David last August in the holiday resort of Portocristo. The unanimous verdict was delivered before the Palma High Court at 1.30 yesterday afternoon, but Yan Yu had previously confessed to having carried out the double murder. He was found guilty of having murdered the two by eight votes out of the nine-strong jury. The prosecution has recommended that Yan Yu serve 20 years for each crime and be forbidden from going near any members of the victims' families for at least five years. The prosecution also made a plea for 35 million pesetas in compensation to be paid to the family of the murdered artist and 25 million to be paid to the child's father. The defence wants his client to be sentenced to 15 years for each of the crimes. Xu Weidi was the daughter of the owner of a Chinese restaurant where Yan Yu worked.