Menem started a five-day break in Majorca yesterday. Picture J. Aguirre.


The Former Argentine President Carlos Menem flew in to Majorca from Miami yesterday at the start of a five-day break on the island at the Son Vida Hotel. Menem, who is still leader of the Partido Justicialista Argentino party has been accompanied by the party secretary general, Albero Kohan, who was also Menem's right-hand man while he was in office as President. Menem's is not ashamed to admit that he misses being leader of the government and would love to return to power. “But you need more than motivation,” he said yesterday adding that the fundamental factor is “having the backing of the people - behind a good government is a good country,” he said. But while he intends to play plenty of golf while on the island, the former Argentine President plays off a handicap of 21, his country's affairs are never far from his mind, nor is one person in Particular, the Spanish “super judge” Garzon who failed to secure the extradition of General Pinochet from Britain to Spain for trial. One of Garzon's many overseas crusades is the Argentine Dirty War, but Menem said yesterday that while Garzon has one concept as to what international law is “we have another.” Menem explained that he opposes other countries getting involved with external legal issues. “A country's crimes should be judged by its own country,” adding that involvement from alien countries only causes “confrontation.” “It's happened in Chile, to where after everything, Pinochet returned. This was all discussed in Rome last year, a country has to operate within its territorial limits,” Menem said.