Improvement and expansion work at Palma's Son Sant Joan airport is well underway and over the next six years, Spanish airport and air traffic control authority AENA will be investing 76'665 million pesetas in improving the airport, which during the summer is one of the busiest charter terminals in Europe. The money being invested between now and 2007 is nearly double the 40'000 million pesetas it cost to build the new terminals and multi-story car park. Apart from improving traffic flow in and around the terminal, a new satellite domestic flight terminal is to be built and two new connections between terminals A and D are being installed to reduce the distance and time for passengers. The old terminal A is also being modified and will also house all the new air traffic control systems as well as providing extra space for flights and passengers. The Mediterranean Village shopping centre is also being expanded as the second phase of the commercial project gets under way. AENA is also investing millions of pesetas on the airports in Minorca and Ibiza, both of which registered significant increases in passengers this summer.