The Balearic commercial sector last night confirmed that it will take part in the national strike on October 10 in protest over the government's decree to extend trading hours. The Balearic commercial sector, as well as the local government, has been angered by Madrid's move to create a freer and more competitive market and claims that Madrid has ignored the special situation in the Balearics and that the decree was approved without the Balearic commercial sector and the unions being consulted. President of the Pimeco small traders association, Demetrio Peña, said last night “this is not the first time that unions and staff have got together in a national strike to defend our rights.” Over the next few days, in the build up to the day of industrial action, representatives from the unions and commercial associations will be holding talks with President of the Insular Council of Majorca, Maria Antonia Munar and other politicians in a bid to mobilise the local government in their defence. Peña explained that on the day of the strike, protesters have agreed to forfeit a day's wages as neither staff nor shop owners will make any money.