Carrier arrives today.

The Royal Navy aircraft carrier, Invincible sails into Palma this morning docking at the Dique del Oeste at around 10a.m. Tomorrow the carrier will be open to the public. More than 500 people have asked the British Consulate for security passes so that they can visit the ship. Tonight, there will be a reception aboard the vessel. The Invincible is accompanied by the Fort George. The Bulletin has teamed-up with the Royal Navy and is offering YOU the chance of winning lunch for two and a tour of the Royal Navy aircraft carrier. The prize must be taken on November 4. Just answer the question below: Which member of the Royal Family served aboard the Invincible? Answers can be telephoned on 971 788410 (afternoons), faxed on 971 719706, e-mailed to mc.mdbUmajorcadailybulletin, or brought into our offices.