Confirmed sightings of the November 29 fire ball which shot across the Majorcan sky before ditching into the sea off Cabrera during the afternoon are still being received mainly from witnesses eager to know what is was they actually saw. While a number of independent investigations are being carried out, the Spanish Air Force is said to be conducting their own inquiry, experts at the Observatory in Costitx, who immediately after the phenomenon was reported set about creating a reconstruction, based on all the information gathered from witnesses, of the sighting and have concluded that the fire ball was caused by a meteorite. It also appears that, in accordance with a number of statements from witnesses who have contacted the Bulletin over the past two weeks, who claimed they had seen a second fire ball, there were two explosions, which created the two fire balls. Initially there were two schools of thought as to what the phenomenon was and the most popular theory was that the fire balls were pieces of space junk. But once the experts had studied all the statements from witnesses, it started to emerge that the fire balls had been caused by a meteorite which had broken up on entering the Earth's atmosphere. The fact that the phenomenon was visible for some five seconds and its green-blue colour also put the experts off the scent of space junk. Furthermore, many of the witnesses who contacted the Bulletin were right in their estimations that the fire balls were about the size of a football. The first of the fire balls, which was seen by the majority of the witnesses, ditched in waters between Cabrera and Cabo Blanco at 17.35 on Wednesday November 29, but at least two other sightings were confirmed in the Cala D'Or area of the island slightly later than the first sighting. Mr Downs of Cala Ferrera reported seeing a fire ball at 17.40, but travelling in a different direction, from West to East across the island in the direction of the south of Minorca. His sighting suggests that the second explosion split an original fire ball in two as it headed towards Andratx.


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