The European Union instigated increase in airport taxes, which has doubled the amount of taxes paid by Spanish air passengers, came under fierce criticism yesterday from the Balearic commercial sector and political parties. The Confederation of Balearic Business Associations, the Majorcan Union party and the PSM Majorcan Socialist party unanimously agreed that the tax hikes will have a negative affect on the Balearic economy, already entering into recession. While the increase in taxes on flights between the Balearics, the mainland and Europe is 96 percent, by contrast, the increase on inter-island flights is 1'900 per cent. The Confederation said “one way or another it will be the passengers that are worst hit” by the unification of European airport taxes which came into effect last Monday. The Balearic government has been called on to assess the implications for the islands and to try and devise an alternative solution to ease the financial burden on passengers.


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