Last year sixteen lives were lost on the roads in Palma and the Balearic Traffic Department has drawn up a list of Majorca's 75 main black spots. While the road death toll for last year was slightly lower that in 1999, there is still serious concern for road safety. The Guardia Civil maintains that one of the main causes for road accidents in the Balearics is the poor condition of the roads. The traffic department hopes that by drawing up the map of blackspots the authorities can focus their attention on solving the problems in key areas. The Palma to Cala Rajada road - the most dangerous in Majorca - claimed the lives of ten people last year and the Palma to Luchmajor road claimed a total of 11 lives. But the traffic police are also becoming increasingly concerned about the behaviour of drivers. One of the most alarming accidents of last year involved a drunk driver who stole a lorry and drove into an ambulance whose crew was attending a traffic victim. Two months earlier in February, a juvenile stole a car and caused traffic chaos in Palma and before careering into a parked car, knocked three pedestrians down. In May two juveniles aged 11 and 14 were caught joy riding by police and in June a “suicide driver” on a motorbike headed up the Palma to Inca motorway the wrong way listening to his Walkman. Four vehicles skidded off the motorway and two people were injured. The driver and passengers of a minibus which caught fire as it travelled along the same stretch of motorway in August, escaped with their lives. In October a driver was treated for serious injuries in hospital after colliding with a horse in Alcudia. Last month a horse in Palma did not have as much luck after being hit by an Opel Corsa and died. The drivers of the car, believed to have been tourists, miraculously escaped unhurt.


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