Driver Ramon Martinez, aged 22, died when his lorry overturned, skidded along the road and was finally involved in a collision with a van. The accident occurred on the S'Esgleieta road, between the Valldemossa road and Palmanyola in the early hours of yesterday afternoon. The victim was trapped in his lorry and his body had to be cut free by the fire brigade. The lorry belonged to a well-known frozen food firm. Police reports say that the driver lost control at kilometre three and went off the road. He was able to manoeuvre the vehicle back to the road but it overturned, skidded and hit a van which was travelling in the opposite direction. It was a head-on collision and Ramon Martinez died before help could arrive. The driver of the other vehicle, José Ambrosio Simonet, aged 53, sustained slight injuries and bruises but did not need hospital treatment. The road was closed to traffic while the two vehicles were removed. The Guardia Civil are investigating the cause of the accident.