Dutchman Michael Boogerd of the Rabobank team won the sprint between five break-away riders to take first place in yesterday's fourth stage of the Mallorca Challenge. Boogerd's team mate Mathew Hayman remains in first place overall, although Francisco Cabello of the Kelme team was one of the break-away riders and reduced Hayman's lead to 1 minute 46 seconds. After leaving Alcudia there was plenty of action with Koi Hundertmarck, Carlos Garcia, Stefano Zanini and Jorge Capitan all testing the peleton, which was quick to react on each occasion. Around the 33 kilometre mark Zanini made another attempt to escape the group and was this time successful. By Esporles (70 km mark) Zanini had a three and a half minute advantage, but the Italian Mapei rider was soon caught on the ascent of the monstrous Puig Mayor by Cabello who was in turn caught by a chasing group of five, including Boogerd. A second group broke away from the peleton with 60 kilometres to go but lasted only 48 kilometres before being swallowed up again. The first group kept a healthy advantage with Boogerd pipping Fabian Jeker for first place with the peleton being led home by Erik Zabel two minutes later.