Every Majorcan family should be connected to the Internet, the President of the Insular Council of Majorca, Maria Antonia Munar, said yesterday, adding that she would like to see all families on line during this current term in office. A new technology iniatitave presented yesterday at the Chamber of Commerce, has the full support of the Insular Council and the Balearic University and Munar said that the Council is a large advocate of the installation and use of new technology. “We have to be pioneers, because the principal wealth of our region is the land and we have to do everything possible to progress without destroying. Information technology does not consume land,” she said. Munar said that the Insular Council fully supports an initiative to get all Majorcan families on-line and she added that she hopes that the objective is realised before the next term of government. She wants to see Majorca as the talisman in the use of internet in Spain “as we're getting there.” It was also revealed yesterday that 85 per cent of the Balearic population have a mobile telephone, 25 per cent more than people who have a fixed line installed.