Programme will reach over 12 million viewers - like Big Brother.

British television's love affair with Majorca is flourishing and this summer could be the location for the biggest production the island has even seen with the makers of Big Brother, Changing Rooms and Ready Steady Cook, to name just a few, hoping to film a new TV show based around 12 young people running two bars in a sun soaked location. The programme is made by Endemol UK, which is actually owned by Spanish company Telefonica, one of the most prestigious and successful production companies in the UK. Endemol are looking to rent and take over two bars from June to September this summer for the exciting show. For eight weeks, two teams of six people will run the bars and Endemol producer Pippa Healy said yesterday that they are looking to either rent from a manager or from an agent, two bars of similar size in the same location, perhaps at opposite ends of the same street or facing each other, for example. Endemol also want the bars either on or close to the beach and to be able to take over the bars for ten weeks. Healy said yesterday that the bar owners will obviously be compensated for the use of their establishment during the filming period. She also added that the programme will be great publicity for the bar and resort, explaining that it will be a prime time show, broadcast on Channel Four every Saturday night at 9pm and three times a week on the digital channel E Four.